When you have a Mexican fiesta and a slumber party

photo 1

The other night two of my best friends joined me for a Mexican fiesta meets late ‘80s slumber party. I couldn’t even dream of a more ‘propriate party union.

There was a taco bar and a toe or two painted.

Pillow fights and particularly unbecoming pajamas.

Catching up and cream pie slices the size of Seattle.

The Wedding Singer and The Breakfast Club and Gilmore Girls episodes at 3am.

Lime and guacamole and chipotle chiles. Fried tortilla triangles and salsa fresca. 

My fancy schmancy menu:photo 2

Main Course:

Slow cooked chicken in a roasted tomato, chipotle, lime sauce
Garlic and lime spiked black beans
Saffron rice
Caramelized red onion
White corn tortillas, white flour tortillas

Topping bar: shredded iceberg lettuce, diced vine ripened tomatoes, guacamole, salsa verde, hot sauce, queso fresco


Camille’s berry pie :)



Freshly squeezed lime spritzers spiked with crisp Argentinian white wine



Salted tortilla chips with a hint of pepperjack
Salsa fresca
Chunky guacamole


Chopped baby green leaf lettuce with grape tomatoes simply dressed in a honey lime vinaigrette



Blushing peonies. *Hot pink and orange daisies.

*I did not eat much of these.



Camille’s berry pie :)

The most delicious Mexican recipes coming each day this week!

What’s on your favorite Mexican dinner plate?



32 thoughts on “When you have a Mexican fiesta and a slumber party

  1. Raquel

    Lovely pics! I love Mexican food and Guacamole is such a wonderful side dish! I bought yesterday whole wheat tortillas. Can´t wait to try them! And I always mix my guacamole´s ingredients with a fork never in the blender. LOVE IT.

  2. Evan

    How lovely! Seems like the full package – questionable pjs, Gilmore Girls, pillow fights, delicious food – you know how to slumberparty :)

    My favorite Mexican food is, hands down, pork carnitas in corn tortillas with fresh, chunky salsa. Plus a margarita on the rocks to go with. When I visited California in January, I ate tacos for EVERY meal on my first day! I can’t get enough.

  3. The Chocolate Covered Kitchen

    I have a rule I try to live by which is no Mexican food north of Houston, but that slow roasted chicken sounds like a rule breaker if ever there was one. Favorite Mexican fare: tortilla soup, fresh mangoes with chili and lime, anything with mole sauce, and spicy hot chocolate (with some peyote on the side). BTW, if you haven’t yet tried the homemade tortillas at Safeway or QFC, you must — you’ll never go back, higher price be damned.

  4. Camille Willemain

    Andrea, you are simply the most amazing hostess and friend. The food was better than it looks and the activities more fabulous than they sound.

  5. Tiff @ Love Sweat and Beers

    That sounds like my kinda’ party! My favorite mexican plate depends on where I’m getting it. I prefer to cook enchiladas, but I never order them. I’ve got a pretty good burrito place up the street from me though, which can be dangerous.

  6. Lisa

    It sounds like lots of fun and the food pictures are delicious. I love all Mexican food that I have tried. I haven’t tried goat or beef tongue and may not ever. I’m excited for the new recipes.

  7. Melissa E

    That looks like it was tons o’ delicious fun.

    I need to get me some awesome best friends to do things like this with.

  8. Melissa

    Everything written on this page looks delicious. You really can’t go wrong with Mexican: chimichangas, enchiladas, mole…

    Sidenote: This may be my first time commenting, but I’ve been engrossed with your blog for months. I’m tempted to start from the beginning, actually. Your personality shines through so well in your words, so well that I feel as if I know you! You’ve inspired me to eat well, and to live in the present each day. Though I’ll never be as good of a writer, I hope to love each day (and each meal) as much as you do.

    I’m sure you’ve heard all of this before, but a little more praise can’t hurt, right? :)

    Last thing – I hope you get the chance to come down to Portland (Oregon – my home base) at some point! There’s quite a few unique eateries that I’m sure you’d enjoy!

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