Today I turn twenty-eight.

And I want to take a moment out of my busy cake-eating day to thank you for being here, and for sticking with me. You who read this blog mean so, so very much to me.

I’m grateful for you today and always.

Love and extra frosting,



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103 thoughts on “28

  1. Linda Sue

    Happy Birthday to one inspiring and creative person – thank you for sharing so much with us – your humble readers!(champagne? a touch of the bubbly for b’day????) I turn 65 next month and intend to drink champagne on the beach!

    1. admin

      You bet! I’ll try to photograph the cake today and post this weekend :)

      Thank you all for the sweet birthday wishes!


  2. Flavorseeker

    Happy Birthday!I Hope you enjoy every minute this coming year has to offer. Look forward to all your posts as a 28 year old. I remember 28. It was a WONDERFUL year…you should be so proud of all you have accomplished and all those you have inspired.

  3. Elsa Montalvo

    Happy Birthday Andie,
    In so many ways you inspire me and you have a become such a good friend. Many blessings to you and I hope to see many more of your goals accomplished and shared with us as well.

    You are a wonderful human being with a great heart.

    Happy Birthday

  4. Tara

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Mine’s in 5 days, and I’m going out for Korean karaoke tonight. I will have an extra shot of soju just for you :D

  5. Kym Donachie

    Starting reading your wonderful blog the first of the year – I always look forward to reading your posts. Have a wonderful day – and is that White Cake??! (You had me at the White Cake post)! Cheers!!

  6. Jiggipop

    Hey, new reader here! I’m on a weight loss journey myself and wanted to leave you a note to say how inspiring you are! Plus I can’t wait to try out some of those recipes… especially those Buffalo Chicken Rolls… Nom Nom!

    Anyhoo, Happy Birthday!! And as I say, just wanted to say Hi! ^_^

  7. Naomi

    Happy Birthday Andie! Thank you for sharing your story, thoughts and delicious recipes! I missed your posts and I’m so glad to be able to read them again. Here’s to a great 28th year!

  8. Holly

    Happy Birthday Andie! I found this blog about a year ago, and have diligently read each new post.

    The other day, I watched ‘Shutter Island’ and intentionally scanned for your name. When it came up, I was like, “I know her…wait, no I don’t.” But I feel like you’ve given me a little glimpse into your life with these posts, and for that I am grateful. To another great year of delicious recipes and inspiration!

  9. Kate

    For you birthday, remember that your blog means so much to us in return. Thank you for the every day gift of your honesty and inspiration!

    No go eat some cake! Happy Birthday, Andie!!!

  10. Jessica

    Happy Birthday Andie!! Sorry its a little late! I feel like today is my birthday because I just received an amazing gift. What’s this gift you ask? Well the gift is you, your website. I just stumbled upon it about an hour ago and I’ve fallen in love. Your pictures & receipes are fantastically mouthwatering. And I adore your stories. I can relate to many of them, especially the one about nearly burning down your apartment. :) As your newest groupie I want to know if you have an e-newsletter I can sign up for or something of the sort? I am probably the only person in the world who does not have facebook (I’m proud of that quite honestly) so I wondered if there is any other way to receive your daily blogs. Thank you so much for your website. I am at the very beginning of my life changing journey & I’m grateful you have created a tool that will be helpful in so many ways.

    Enjoy your birthday, I hope it is filled with pure deliciousness!!

  11. Victor

    I feel a little bit silly. Most of your posts are from women, but I have to say a really enjoy this place I have stumbled upon. I don’t really know what it is except that your voice seems to hit just the right diction and humor to sooth me. I too have lost significant weight and feel sort of a future-shock.
    Thank you very much. I will keep reading….

  12. Kelley

    Happy belated birthday, Andie! I hope your birthday was filled with marshmallow fluff and giant cups of coffee (your favs, duh) !

  13. Lynn

    28 – what a great stage of life. You’re already wise beyond your years, and now you’re getting past the 20’s, which are fun, but still kind of filled with peer pressure. So it’s just going to keep getting better and better. Every year above the dirt is a chance to become more authentic, celebrate your awesomeness, grow. I hope you had a wonderful day, and I hope you have a magical, Covered In Awesome Sauce kind of year!
    PS – What kind of cake did you have for your birthday? I bet that’s out here somewhere, so I apologize if I’ve missed it. I saw a Food Network show recently where Tricia Yearwood made a cocoa cake with caramel frosting – her grandma’s recipe. She spoke of how it was her favorite cake and was her birthday cake every year growing up. It made me think about birthday cakes, and about how some people love the tradition of the same cake every year, and some mix it up. I grew up asking for a Boston Cream Pie as my birthday cake every year. Now I share my birthday week with both my husband and son (yep!), so rather than turning it into a 3 pronged cakeapalooza, we go with what the little man wants. So I wondered, with you loving to bake so much, if you had a Must Have birthday cake each year, or if you switch it up each year? Again, happiest of birthdays!

    1. admin

      Hey Lynn,

      Thank you for the sweet message! I actually love to make a sour cream fudge cake every year on my birthday– it is OUT OF THIS WORLS rich. But this year, I got a cake from Ivy’s bakery near my hometown. It was a simple vanilla cake and it was dee-licious. Sometimes the purest, simplest cakes are best:)


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