My Edible Birthday


Just for a fun change of pace, I thought I’d share all of the lovely eating that ensued on my birthday yesterday. It’s an illustration of me eating exactly what I wanted, and reveling in every delicious minute.

Breakfast: Whole wheat sour cream pancakes drizzled with pure maple syrup.

Mid-morning: Fluffernutter Nutella cupcake lovingly made by my dear friend Karlyn. Moist peanut butter cake filled with Nutella and frosted with Marshmallow Fluff. Absolutely as ooey gooey and delicious as it sounds.


Lunch out at a local favorite, Pagliacci Pizza, because no birthday of mine is quite right without pizza. Salad with raspberry dressing and one large slice of pie.


LV Taste Tour 011


flickr photo user ryujim

Dinner at my favorite restaurant in the Queen Anne neighborhood of Seattle: The 5 Spot, an upscale diner-type that serves fabulous quality, always tasty, meals. I’ve tried so many items on the menu and have loved every single one. I started with a house salad, and then ordered precisely what I was craving, The Longhorn Burger, made from big country Painted Hills ground chuck with roasted Anaheim pepper, bacon, pepper jack cheese & frizzled onions. Served with ancho chili dusted french fries.


Dessert: Classic cheesecake. Plus a hot pink candle.

Altogether, just delightful. I slept well.



24 thoughts on “My Edible Birthday

  1. johnny

    Sooo Glad you had a GREAT day!!:) Meals looked good, (I would have gone quit a bit more overboard, but then I haven’t learned how to eat right yet!) Glad your back, looking forward to the next recipe and story! Have a healthy and fulfilling year!

  2. Janie

    How much of each of these items did you eat? I enjoy your blog and love that you lost so much weight and give us all hope.

  3. Ali

    Oh, Andrea! I know you slept unbelievably well last night! I would have. In fact, I just might sleep well tonight thinking of the yummy goodness you have shared.

    Thank you for that!

    Glad to hear you had a joyous birthday!

  4. Lu

    I can’t say this loud enough over the blogosphere… Please post the recipe for the Fluffernutter Nutella Cupcakes. I started to drool on my desk when I read your description. It was sad.

  5. katecooks

    speaking of good food, i made your dal makhani last night, minus the ginger and heavy cream which i didnt have on hand. as always so good! that recipe has become a staple for me :)

  6. M.J. Jacobsen

    What a food fest BD!!! I love those places you went for lunch and dinner! The 5 Spot is my favorite place on Queen Anne Hill. I get my hair cut down the street from there and then lunch at the 5 Spot! Now I’m craving pizza, got to head to Pagliaccia in Edmonds. Glad you had a great one!


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