4 Sweet Treats I Bake for Christmas

chocolate (2)

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eggs (2)

chocolate cake-01

chocolate cake-03


Congo Bars (my very favorite cookie)


Chocolate Almond Toffee Bars


Double Chocolate Fudge Brownies with coconut and almonds5434924996_9363b40b4a

Rainbow Tie Dye Cupcakes (festively in red and green only)
Use this white cupcake recipe!


What are you baking?



17 thoughts on “4 Sweet Treats I Bake for Christmas

  1. Amanda

    I have actually been baking your eggnog squares! (they were a party hit!)
    And lots and lots of oatmeal cookies for presents!!

    I love that its fun for me to bake and lose weight..at the same time!

  2. *Andrea*

    congo bars are my favorite too!! Whole Foods bakery sells a 3-pack that I always buy this time of year (and devour much too quickly).

    ps when is the book coming out!?!?

  3. Jessica

    List this year:
    Chocolate chip cookies (to get my little sister through finals),
    Oatmeal cranberry chocolate cookies,
    Chocolate toffee cookies,
    Sugar cookies,
    Pecan snowballs,
    Peanut butter blossoms,
    Chocolate chubbies.

    Percentage complete:57.1%

    Bingeing on baking while your parents will buy all the groceries? Priceless.

    (Ps. We’re also planning a trip to a nursing home to spread some holiday cheer and save our waistlines by sharing the cookies.)

  4. Emily

    I was looking for a new desert to try this holiday season, I was looking at the Congo Bars recipe and the only question I have is what temperature should the oven be at when baking them?

  5. Ellen Renee

    Roasted Cinnamon Almonds & Pecans
    peanut brittle
    chocolate crinkle cookies
    Russian Tea Cakes

    All the candy is prepared and the cookie dough is made – just need to start baking.

  6. Veronike W

    Ummm…those congo bars look deadly delicious! I am so going to try those :)
    This time of year I always make:
    -Red Velvet Cupcakes
    -Jam Jam’s
    -Davy Crockets
    -Oatmeal Scothies

    But I am always looking for new recipes to try!

  7. Wendy

    Hi Andie – I have been away (in your part of the world actually – my son and I visited Orlando and Los Angeles) and am catching up on your blog. As usual everything looks so delicious and I keep promising myself that I am going to get into my kitchen and try one of your recipes …. a bit lazy at the moment though!

    Everything of the best over the Festive Season and I wish you all the joy and happiness that you so richly deserve.


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