In gratitude: Please accept this almond joy

2.27.11 part 2 101

I’m plumb out of stationary. I figure e-thank you’s to be both trendy and fitting. So here goes:

To those who eat at my table, even if that table is imaginary, and even if that imaginary table is set with the letters on a keyboard and a clunky wireless mouse, thank you.

To those who peer into the computer screen window at my life and all I choose to share, thank you.

To those who read the pages of my blog as you might a journal or, dare I say, a book (albeit a 3rd grade novel), thank you.

2.27.11 part 2 085

To those who come here because you want to lose weight, you can. You will. Thank you.

To those who come here because you are losing weight, you can. You will. Thank you.

To those who come here because you have lost weight and are finding your own ‘normal,’ you can. You will. Thank you.

To those who have read the posts in which I’ve been as honest as I know honest to be- about loss, about sadness, about life- that sharing has been cathartic and somehow intimate. Thank you.

2.27.11 part 2 078

To those who think I write with any shred of confidence, know that I delete each and every post one full time before rewriting and publishing it. The process has never for one day gotten easier, never less overwhelming. Never. If it seems the slightest bit effortless, I’m a master manipulator, and thank you.

To those who find my writing on par with the intelligence level of a chimpanzee, that ain’t half bad. Thank you.

To those who notice that my hands are chronically dry in photographs where I fondle the food, that’s an excellent point. I will get lotion and thank you.

2.27.11 part 2 096

To those who recognize my eccentricities, know that I’m zany, accept unpredictability, embrace mild forms of psychosis, and love me nonetheless, thank you.

To the people in my real life who I’ve written stories about, semi-exposed, and/or tarnished the reputation of, please trust that I publicly embarrass myself more than you’ll ever know. And thank you.

To those who visit just for the recipes and skim the fluffy puff of a preface or even the thick sludge of a heartfelt beginning, I hope the ones you’ve tried have turned out well. I can’t always nourish the soul too, so thank you.

To those who tell me that I’ve inspired them, motivated them, made them feel that it’s all okay, that it’s all worthwhile, I am forever your fat or thin friend. I will always know. I am here, thanking you.

To those who comment, even when I don’t, even when I can’t comment in return, I’m in awe of you and your giving nature. Thank you.

To those who laugh with me (and at me), joke after lame joke, antic after ‘No, but really is this chick for real?’ antic, being me is the funniest of funny. And even when it’s not, it kinda is. Thank you.

To all of you, you’ve changed my life. Thank you.

2.27.11 part 2 109

Thank you.


Click here for my recipe for Dark Chocolate Almond Joy Cookies



37 thoughts on “In gratitude: Please accept this almond joy

  1. Bee

    <3 you, you are my inspiration! If you ever are back visiting your alma mater and we cross paths, please don't find it creepy if I give you a big ol' hug. Keep writing, I'll keep reading :)

  2. Amy

    Andie, you write enough heart felt prose to inspire me, enough recipe content to keep me drooling and enough comedy to leave me with a smile on my face. You keep writing, and I will keep on reading :)

  3. Leah @ Why Deprive?

    I love your blog. Your words both captivate and inspire me, and your recipes make me want to lick the screen. Always. Even when you post something I wouldn’t normally like, you always make it sound so good. So I think its only fair that I also say thank you.
    Never stop writing.

  4. Dana

    I found your blog a couple months ago and can’t stop reading it. As long as your blog is up I will be one of what I’m sure are a lot of people that will keep reading, no matter what you post. I came for the pictures of recipes that made me want to at least attempt to cook and stayed because of your writing. You should totally write a book.

  5. Frieda

    Thank you for giving me the perfect (I say that even though I have not eaten them yet) exam period comfy food. I love almond cookies :)

  6. Johnny

    What can I’ve made me feel on more than one occasion like an old friend. Being able to appreciate your blog and the comments(oh, the comments!)every morning of the week has meant more than you can imagine. Not trying to make more out of this than is there but it’s like having the privalage of going to that favorite park bench every sunny morning and interacting with all your favorite people as they go on to their day! I just simply love this blog and wouldn’t want to start a week day without it!

    THANK YOU!!!! :)

  7. Cait @ Beyond Bananas

    What a fabulous post, Andie! You may be grateful for our readership.. our following.. but I need to express my gratitude towards you – your positive attitude – honesty – and up beat post. Your writing style (much better then my soon to be 3rd graders) is first class… and provides a great read each and every time.

  8. Angela @ Eat Spin Run Repeat

    Thank YOU Andie!! I’m so glad I found your blog a few months ago. You’ve written so many posts that have totally hit home with me lately and it’s like everything I’ve been through in my head (regarding weight loss, food, finding a ‘normal’) is articulated perfectly in your blog. For being a mind reader, THANK YOU!

  9. Samantha @ Bikini Birthday

    Dear Andrea,
    I love you but you’re a bad influence on me. Always making me want to bake delicious things like chocolate almond joy cookies that you and I both know will never get baked because they’ll end up in my stomach as raw cookie dough before they hit the oven.
    DoughBoy Belly.

  10. Maggie

    I found your blog a couple of weeks ago and have been following it religiously ever since. I love your style of writing and humor, and your recipes all look amazing and delectable. Please don’t stop writing!

  11. Kelly

    Thank YOU for being such an inspiring person. For everything you’ve gone through and for the honesty in which you share your life. Thank you.

  12. Brenda the Barefootcookingirl

    Well said! I’m having a virtual cookie along with my morning coffee. These look delicious with a capital “D”! Can’t wait for my next daily dose of Andie…. BCG

  13. Jill

    Thank you for saying the words that are sometimes hard for me to say…Having been 285lbs and now 145 lbs I have journeyed the same path with extreme highs and deep lows your voice expresses exactly how I have felt. So i thank you for speaking for me. :)

  14. Caitlin

    Thank you, thank you thank you – for all of this. For what you do for everyone, every single person that clicks and reads and laughs and thinks. You do something different for every one of us and for that, there is not enough thanks in this world. You are amazing, hands down simple good truth.


    You’re welcome.


  15. sarah

    Thank you! You are beautiful and wonderful and your honesty and vulnerability are so inspiring. I can’t wait to read what you have to say everyday!

  16. Online Sunshine

    You are my one guilty pleasure each day. The only blog I read. You’re funny, you’re positive, you’re sweet, and you’re gorgeous…and I hate you in the most complimentary way any woman can hate another woman for being so seemingly perfect even when she’s being imperfect!

    Thank you for opening yourself up and sharing with us each day your thoughts, your humor, your good food, and your tempting pictures of that good food!

    The one thing I’ve learned in life is that we never get to truly understand how much we affect other people. I do photography and some days I wonder why I bother putting it out there…y’know those days….I’m sure you’ve had at least one of them when you didn’t get as many comments as you’d hoped or whatever….but then someone will tell me about how they look forward to seeing my latest picture and how their office co-workers stop by to see what I’ve done and that they enjoy them so much and then I find my joy all over again.
    So, even if you have days when you’re wondering if you should continue doing this blog, and wondering if you are any good at it….just know this…..You should and you definitely are! I would be so sad if you stopped. Ever. So, don’t. I beg of you. :)

  17. Katie P

    And thank you. Thank you for being you and sharing all you do with us. When I read your posts I am washed with a sense of calm, and my spirits are bolstered to weather the winds of life.
    I appreciate your honesty, that you feel doubt and struggle, but that those things are real and meant to be felt and experienced just like the rest of life.

  18. Rachel

    I just wanted to let you know that I’ve been reading your blog for a while and I really enjoy your voice, honesty, and inspiration. I’ve recently started my own blog in hopes that I might be able to affect people with my own words similar to the way that you have masterfully created such a beautiful, delicious, and encouraging blog. Thanks and I look forward to your daily posts!!!

  19. Halley

    Andie these past three posts have been so great. I always wondered if there was a way to be slim and still eat what you love. Unfortunately I could never find someone who had done that and had changed the way they looked until now.

    You really inspire me. Thanks!

  20. tj - wutdafuhk(twitter)

    Your welcome and thank you. I first started following you for your recipes. As I have come to understand you, I have come to follow you for your spirit and enthusiasm as well. Mostly, as I have said before, your writing has a fluidity and appeal to it that is utterly alluring and keeps me coming back. So thank you for your incite as well as your entertainment. I await your upcoming book deal and expect a signed copy ;)

  21. Ms. O

    and I thank you for being the coffee on my morning, the iced tea on my hot day and the macaroon when I need something sweet at night. CHeers to you and keep sharing

  22. Online Sunshine

    Just wanted to tell you that I made these cookies the other night. My husband loves Almond Joy Candy Bars so I thought that the cookies would be loved by him as well. I am not a big coconut fan myself, but I found myself eating these and enjoying them. And so did my husband. Thanks for a great recipe!
    Oh, on a side note, my food processor does not like me because I tried to take the easy way out and chop the chocolate in the processor. That’s like putting a brick in your washing machine! Bad idea! lol!

  23. Jamie

    Why do I feel like I know you so well? Why do I feel like we have so much in common and understand each other. I am so happy that we have met and become friends. Thank you.


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