What I Love This Week

(big boy got another haircut!)

Now that I’m in my third trimester, I’m in full-on nesting mode. I’ve cleaned out the garage, basement, and car. Organized all the old baby clothes. Cleaned the house top to bottom. I know I am making good progress the more times Daniel passive aggressively asks me where I moved all his stuff. This week things got a little out of hand when I was trying to fix a slow drain in our bathroom sink. I put baking soda and vinegar down and flushed it with boiling water but it was still slow, so I put a coat hanger in and tried to find the clog. Soon after, the sink started leaking when I turned the water on. Apparently the pipe on the sink was corroding and I scratched a hole in it. After an emergency call, my stepdad/handyman/hero PJ arrived with a new pipe. He took the sink apart, found the gnarliest clog, cleaned it out, replaced the pipe, and put in a new faucet we had sitting in a box in the closet for over a year.

Speaking of, I found a great new Instagram follow if you’re as obsessed with cleaning as I am: @GoCleanCo. They’re a cleaning company based in Canada and they post videos of how to clean just about everything (even things you never thought to clean). So inspiring and satisfying to watch.

What I Watched

Daniel and I just finished season one of I May Destroy You on HBO. It’s written by and starring Michaela Coel, an astonishingly talented writer, actor, and director. The show deals with sexual assault in its many different forms in our modern world and it’s extraordinarily well written and entertaining despite the heavy subject matter.

In lighter fare, I watched the whole first season of Welcome to Plathville on Hulu. It’s a reality show about an extremely conservative family in rural Georgia whose 9 kids are growing up and some are starting to crave freedom, independence, and a life that looks a little different than the way they were raised (one of the teenage kids rebels by drinking a can of coke). It’s wholesome and sweet and fascinating to see the shifting family dynamics.

What I Read

I know a lot of parents are really nervous about what is going to happen with school in the fall. This article explains a lot of the issues really well.

The latest entry into my “the ocean is terrifying” folder: a fish so dark it can’t even be photographed.

Menstruating has been a difficult burden for women for ages. It can have negative effects on health, mood, education, work, and relationships. Science may have made menstruating unnecessary for most women.

Stay safe out there.



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    I finished your book this morning, and this is my first time to your blog. So happy to see you and Daniel and your growing family! Congrats!


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