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I’m in Massachusetts visiting my family for the long weekend and it’s good to be home. The only problem with this weekend is the heat. What are you up to?

Last Wednesday night, Daniel and I went to see Louis C.K. at Foxwoods. We’ve gone to see a lot of stand up comedy over the years, but no one compares to Louis. I think he’s a brilliant, and agree with GQ magazine, who described him as, “an absurd, self-disgusted, generous…inquisitive, belligerent, deep-felt, smart-stupid, bare-naked, vulgar, deeply ruminative…[and] frank genius.” I love watching Louie, seeing him perform live, the way he comes across in interviews, and the simple fact that he’s committed to charging $50 a ticket for his shows when he could easily double that, like other comedians at his level. Here’s a recent interview Louis did with Rolling Stone.

Summer reading: 5 Books You Have to Read this Summer I’ll be doing a live chat and a Q & A with mindbodygreen in late June/July!

The worst US airports and airlines for flight delays 

Here’s what we can dream about when we want to escape: the top 10 beaches 

If you, like me, love to keep a daily (/weekly/monthly) to-do list, consider adding a break list for added productivity.

When I memorized my 18-minute TEDx talk, I did it by hand-writing it over and over in a notebookthe same way I memorized things in high school. It worked. Here are the benefits of handwriting

A new bill in New York would make it illegal for anyone to declaw cats, which is a very good thing. A 2011 AP poll showed that 55% of cat owners approve of the surgery, but might not fully know what declawing means. “To declaw a cat, you amputate each toe at the first knuckle, taking off bone along with tendons and the claw. This is a controversial operation, and some veterinarians say it can lead to lifelong complications, pain, and lameness.”

A San Francisco company has developed a sensor that will scan your food to tell you if your food contains gluten. Now they’re moving on to peanuts and milk.

It’s long, but it’ll move you, and maybe haunt you, and we all need to read it: 13, right now: This is what it’s like to grow up in the age of likes, lols and longing

Your cheese says “best by.” Your milk says “use by.” Those cookies? “Enjoy before.” It’s “sell by” for the salsa, and “best before” for the butter. “Born on” for beer and “guaranteed fresh” for bread. 91% of consumers reported occasionally throwing food out after its “sell by” date; fewer than half of the consumers surveyed could correctly describe the meaning of “sell by” and “use by” dates; each year a family of four wastes an average of $1,560 on food that is thrown away. But good news: There’s a bill to change unclear food labeling of expiration dates.

Enjoy your weekend!




5 thoughts on “Weekly Coffee Date

  1. Susan J. L.

    I just watched your TED talk and also read your book (I had started to read it and my daughter wanted to read it also. So I gave it to her first). This is why we love you!! I’m so glad I found you and your story that day long ago on Pinterest. You break it down for us struggling and make it real and tangible for us . My psychology teacher always told us to live in the moment. That goes with your saying, “Can you do it today?” I believe too many of us hold on to our pasts and dream about our futures and that impedes the here and now. We can’t control our past nor dictate our future but we have a hand in the present. I wish you continued good luck and I look forward to reading your posts. Sincerely, Susan

  2. Linda

    Just watched your TED talk. I was about to go somewhere unhealthy to avoid feeling my feelings and your question “Can you do it just today” was a turning point for me. Thank you for being so helpful and honest.


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