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This week had a soundtrack: Paul Simon’s Graceland, a used CD Daniel and I picked up last week at FYE, which is surprisingly still in business. I love this album. He loves this album. Every song is familiar and so feel-good–especially “Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes.” Doing this reminds me of a road trip to the Berkshires a few years ago. We stopped at a record store on the way, bought a Hall & Oates album, and now when I think back, all the days of that little trip are set to the tune of “You Make My Dreams Come True.” Isn’t that the best?

In movie/television news, Kathryn Hahn is a bright, shining star. This year alone, I’ve seen and loved her in: Transparent (late to the show, but it’s incredible), Captain Fantastic (really enjoyed this movie), and Bad Moms. In 2009, I met her while working on How Do You Know in Philadelphia and she was as down-to-earth, smiley, and quick with a joke, as you might imagine. I’m crazy about her.


Here are the links that caught my eye this week:

Want to Motivate Yourself to Change? Ask Yourself, ‘Will I?’

I adore Seth Rogen, and since Daniel and I love to do blind taste tests (also smell tests of every candle in Target/Bed Bath & Beyond), this is the best.

Singapore street food chef, Chan Hon Meng, has been awarded a Michelin star, and now the world’s cheapest Michelin-star meal costs just $1.50 Photograph credit:Roslan Rahman/AFP/Getty Images

If you’re familiar with Michelin stars, you know that eating at a Michelin-starred restaurant doesn’t come cheap. But now that Singapore street food chef, Chan Hon Meng, has been awarded a Michelin star, the world’s cheapest Michelin-star meal costs just $1.50.
A benefit to forgetting I have something in the oven: The 12 vegetables that taste better burnt.
A man jumped from a plane WITHOUT A PARACHUTE. I repeat: 25,000 feet in the air without a parachute.

Buzzfeed described these as 18 Impossible Food Choices, but not for an expert: popcorn, tenders, burgers, doughnuts, pb&j, guac, french fries, pizza, wine, cake, sandwich, tacos, biscuits, milk chocolate, coffee, ketchup, soda, bagel.

What’s new? Any weekend plans? 



4 thoughts on “Weekly Coffee Date

  1. Hootie

    The hardest one was cake or pie bc the picture of pumpkin pie!!! Working on organizing & studying for hopefully my last standardized test I ever take!!!


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