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Here we are at Sunday, my friends. Did you have a good week? Is it rainy and gray where you are? That’s what it’s like here, dreary for three days now, and it reminds me of when I lived in Seattle. It’s not non-stop rain and sloshing through puddles; it’s just gray and misty an awful lot. After a while, it wears on you, especially if you’re not from that area–if you grow up equating sunshine to good moods and good days. But the dreariness is the only drag about Seattle, because the city is just about perfect in every other way.

But enough about the weather. One thing I’ve been meaning to ask you: What’s your take on Yankee Candles? Worth the price or what? Because Daniel and I are now kinda, sorta…those people who may or may not go all the way to the Yankee Candle Store and, uh, smell every candle. It started so innocently though. We thought a candle might help off-set the unholy stench of roasted broccoli in our apartment. And now we’re in over our heads with a $25-candle-habit.

Tell me what’s new!

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20 thoughts on “Weekly Coffee Date

  1. Laura S.

    Happy Sunday, Andie! My husband and I are obsessed with candles from Ikea! And since we live in Dubai, the closest Ikea to us is about 40 minutes away… so we trek over to Ikea too often to replenish our stock lol Candles are addictive!

  2. Donna

    Walmart actually has BHG candles for 5.97 at the same size. I bought some yesterday for the same reason….roasting broccoli….and my cheap candles did the trick

  3. Holly

    I recently went a little Yankee Candle crazy but honestly I think the three wick candles from Bath and Body Works have a much better “scent throw” and burn more evenly. Watch some videos on candle care. Trimming wicks and paying attention to the burn time can really make a difference in the life of your candles!

  4. Rosemary

    We also love candles,but try to buy them from local people,and soy.we have a new place ,got McIntosh apple,cinnamon apple ,grandfather s pipe great

  5. Mallory

    I recently just got my first Yankee Candle! Always bought bath and body works candles previously but I may never turn back. We can even smell the yankee when it isn’t burning. I found ours at the holy land, AKA TJ Maxx! It was half the price and they had a decent selection. Why are candles so expensive anyway!?

  6. Andi

    Hey there Andie! Red Berries and Cedar is my favorite from Yankee along with whatever name reincarnation they have for their Fresh Cut Grass scent. Wait for coupons but also do some research…Yankee has been linked with some of the research involving cancer causers that are released into your air with either the wax, the wicks, or the oils…❤
    The Other Andi

  7. Lucy

    Heya. I find Yankees a little overpowering. And for the price, maybe a little more, you can buy more natural candles made with soy wax and essential oils.
    Have you thought of getting a full spectrum lightbox? They are technically for treating seasonal depression, but the smaller ones are not expensive, and they can really brighten your mood if youre feeling a bit down. Sunshine in a box!

    1. Deirdre

      I’m with Beth – I had a Yankee candle problem as a broke college student. Using the tarts saved me. They now do electric tart burners which saves you having to buy tea lights!

  8. amanda

    I very much prefer woodwick candles. The crackling gives the ambiance of having a real fire, and they smell the same or better. When they have them at TJ Maxx I stock up!

  9. amanda june

    OK, this candle thing is really getting people going! Myself included, obvs. What I love for fragrance is the scented oils from Bath & Body Works — you can buy a cheap/pretty oil warmer at Walmart or Target and use unscented tealight candles, and a tiny vial of oil lasts forever! Just a few drops spreads a wonderful fragrance (my fav in the winter is the Christmas-y pine one). Side note, the only thing I even go to Bath & Body Works for is this (though I haven’t had to buy any in years — seriously they last forever) and the little concentrated room fragrance sprays because they are perf for the bathroom. If you know what I mean. Saw/used one when we stayed at a friend’s apartment and we were hooked. Just a word to the wise ;)

  10. Hootie

    I used to really have a yankee candle addiction too :) there is life beyond it but it sounds like y’all are having fun with it and I think embrace that! I have since moved on to some wood wick candles i buy at AC Moore with a coupon and end up paying about $5 a pop for. I like the crackle :) loved the articles this week. Calm.com is amazing. What you said about how you grew up…we are in the swamp and maybe growing up where extreme heat plus humidity makes sunshine a little unbearable is why I love the pnw so much! It’s also the people, the way so many people there dress casually (plus I love cold weather and winter clothes) and live adventurously just appeals to me. <3

  11. Christina

    the bath and body works 3-wick candles really are a great alternative! they always go on sale and you can use coupons on top of the sale price! Also, EVERY SINGLE article this week was fantastic, so thank you!

  12. Lara

    Good morning! Love your blog. I love Mark W so I read that whole article when I actually have a presentation I need to finish. :-) I used to love Yankee Candles but now am obsessed with the Bath and Body Works three wick candles. They put them on sale all the time and I can always find a coupon code for 20% off. Thanks for a great Monday morning!

  13. Ti

    I think scent wise, Yankee is great. You get a good, solid, scented candle for the price. My big beef with them is that they do not burn cleanly. There is a bit of soot and if you burn the votives in say, a nice wall sconce, you will have soot on the wall. I prefer PartyLite but my friend doesn’t sell them anymore so I am almost out of my stash. They burn clean, smell great, and they are totally worth the money.

    Bath and Body Works makes a good 3 wick candle. Still sooty but a good price when on sale and a nice scent selection. Pretty to look at too if that is your thing.

  14. Ti

    Also, my local TJ Maxx has tons of Yankee Candles for much less than the store. Reduced selection for sure but seasonal stuff is pretty good.

  15. Cassie Schelldorf

    I am a Yankee Candle SNOB. I’m from New England and truly believe they are the best. The other candles I’ve bought may smell great in the store but have zero smell once you light them. Have you tried HomeGoods or TJ Maxx, they sometimes carry them and they’re cheaper. Good luck!

  16. Denise

    Hello Friend! Long time … glad to catch up a bit over coffee here. I have to say I love the link on preheating your oven – I hardly ever do except for cookies. Same with room temperature butter – hardly ever bring it to room temp. I am bad! Candles I am totally digging Brooklyn Candle Studio – they smell so GOOD and last for while. As well they are made with soy which gives a cleaner burn – less smoke on your walls and ceiling!


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