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Last Friday, I flew to Seattle with a carry-on and a backpack–just enough clothing to get me through three days of the International Food Blogger Conference and then three days in Charlotte on a tour with Dole (more next week)! The challenge is always packing the fewest items of clothing so I can fit more hair tools. You get this, right?


Seattle, as it often does, made me wonder why I moved away, and the conference went so well–but it always does; I love IFBC, and it’s going to be in Sacramento next year! I spoke on Saturday about writing my cookbook alongside my mega-talented friends, Aran Goyoaga, who photographed the book, and, Jenn Elliott Blake, who styled it. While at the conference, I had the chance to reconnect with two long-lost blogger friends that I met at my very first blog conference: Mary of Fervent Foodie and Suki of Super Duper Fantastic. Both women were just as lovely as they were in Chicago 5 years ago when we were new and scared to death of other bloggers.

I also got the chance to meet Peabody of Culinary Concoctions by Peabody, who is kind of a soul sister to me, and she’s as funny and warm in person as she comes across on her blog. If you listen to Season with Sass, her food blogging podcast with Kita of Pass the Sushi and Girl Carnivore, I had the pleasure of meeting Kita, too, and wow it’s like, can you fall in love with that many people in one weekend? I know, I know, it seems like I’d fall in love with anyone, but I promise I wouldn’t. It’s usually only animals that I truly adore at first meeting.

In soul-fulfilling news, I spent maybe an hour talking to my longtime (superstar, bestselling author, no big deal) friend Kat Flinn. Connecting with her is always so affirming. Do you know Kathleen? If not, her first book, The Sharper Your Knife, the Less You Cry: Love, Laughter, and Tears in Paris at the World’s Most Famous Cooking School, was the first food memoir I ever read, in 2007, and it really sparked something in me. I read it while living in Massachusetts, a dreamy food writer who didn’t write, and three years later, I moved to Seattle, a newborn writer, met Kat, and we became fast friends. To say she inspires me in life and writing would be an understatement. If you love food, or stories of transformation, or just good stories and writing, her books (she’s written two more since “Sharper”) are truly fantastic. Here’s a place to start! Her most recent: Burnt Toast Makes You Sing Good.


I’ve been to Charlotte twice because Kate lived in Winston-Salem for a few years (she’s back up north now, thankfully) and whenever I’d visit, I’d fly into CLT and we’d spend at least half a day in Charlotte [eating at Cowfish]. Beyond how charming the city is, I can never get over how clean it is. I’m becoming my mother.

When you go on these kinds of press tours, sometimes you know the other bloggers beforehand, in an online friendship kinda way, but lots of times you don’t. When I went to San Antonio a couple years back, I completely lucked out because I united with Ali Ebright of Gimme Some Oven, and she and I just clicked. I found her irresistible then, and I’m still very close with her now.

On this Dole trip, I hit the jackpot. I connected with Catherine of Rabbit Food for My Bunny Teeth, Brittany of Eating Bird Food, Kathy of Healthy. Happy. Life, Taylor of Food Faith Fitness, and Susan of Doughmesstic. We laughed non-stop. I have this sense that we’ll continue the friendship we started…or at least I hope we will, because Catherine has been sending me photos of the two of us that she has edited using the Perfect365 makeover app where both of us are now wearing wigs and a spectacular amount of makeup, and I’d really miss that if it were gone. I even wish we all lived closer–and I say that as someone who would rather stay in and watch Real Housewives.

Love Notes

Daniel is now going above and beyond to prove (to me, the world?) that he’s a saint-level human being. He takes a walk every day through the park and while he’s there, he sometimes feeds the ducks and geese (with the proper food for their digestive systems—which is apparently not bread) and, wait for this, he picks up and disposes of any litter and trash he sees. He didn’t tell me he did this, otherwise I’d know he did it for the sake of good-person-ness. No, I only know this because yesterday I went with him on the walk and witnessed it. When he made a special effort to feed a bird with “angel wing,” I was certain he was trying to win a Nobel Peace Prize.

He’s not always such a do-gooder, and I’m glad because that’d be exhausting and annoying and I love how funny and irreverent he is, but man there are so many little moments when he exhibits this pure kindness, when I see that his good intentions are almost never for the sake of people-pleasing or to get a gold star…and I pause on how grateful I feel to get to love him.

Sometimes I’ll look at him and be so overcome with how much I love him it feels like this massive wave is washing over me. How can I ever make you know how much I love you? 

This impossible feeling reminds me of a line from the movie Playing by Heart (1998) that Kate and I have always quoted, “Talking about love is like dancing about architecture.” How true does that feel?

Featured In…

health magazine october 2015

I’m so grateful to be featured in the October ’15 issue of Health Magazine! Thank you so much, Health–what an honor!

health magazine excerpt andie mitchell

I’m on a Podcast!

andie mitchell one part podcast

Listen to me talk with Jessica Murnane on her One Part Podcast (episode # 42) all about my memoir It Was Me All Along, weight, depression, binge eating…It was one of those conversations where she and I had both struggled with so many of the same things that it made for more honesty and depth. Don’t you love that?

Click here to subscribe and listen on iTunes

Click here to subscribe and listen on Stitcher.

If you don’t know Jessica Murnane, take a look at her site! She’s got a whole lot of delicious plant-based recipes, (see the One Part Plant tab). Because of a really long struggle with her health, she has had to find a new way of eating–something so many can relate to on some level. Her food and spirit is beyond inspiring, and in a health world where it would be easy to get a little crazy and a lot perfectionistic, I find her to be refreshingly accepting and loving. She says, “Change doesn’t have to be all or nothing…it’s about working through things one part at a time.” Amen. 

 Yahoo Column

Eli’s 100-Pound Weight Loss: ‘I Make My Health as Much a Priority as My Family and My Work’

Family Stuff

You know how my family is crazy in love with our pug DeeDee? Well, Dee has a mast cell tumor on her thigh, so she’s having surgery to remove it on Monday. By late next week, we’ll find out if the tumor is classified as high grade or low grade. We’re giving her all the love in the world as usual.

me and deedee

Talk back

What’s new with you? How was your week?



16 thoughts on “Weekly Coffee Date

  1. Erin V

    Hi Andie! I’ve just recently added hour long walks after dinner to my daily regimen and love using that time to catch up on podcasts. My rule is that if I want to listen to a podcast, I need to go for a walk to hear it! I was so excited to have you accompany me on two of my walks this week :) Your words about Charlotte made me smile – I am visiting in Nov for the first time and hope to fall in love with the area IRL, as I’ve already fallen head over heels via the internet. I’m hoping for a move in the next year or two!

  2. Mary

    awww pup :( I hope the surgery goes well!! My week has been eh. Work was crazy, relationship is strong but not, i dont know. very confusing. i feel like ive been saying “”i dont know” a lot. because I dont! I feel very lost lately.

  3. Alisa

    So sorry to hear about your puppy and I’ll keep you guys in my thoughts. I remember the doggie being in all your mom’s progress pics – so cute. BTW is your mom still doing well? Do you think she would be up for an update? I miss reading about her!

    So happy for you and Daniel and impressed by all the success you have.

  4. Karissa

    Hi, Andie :)

    Quick question: If you eat salad for lunch every day do you switch it up, or do you eat the same kind? I am trying to eat salad every day for lunch, but I get sick of eating the same kind every day, and it gets quite expensive buying all kinds of different ingredients to make different salads with different toppings and dressings. Any suggestions for the best way to prep salads for lunch for the week? Thank you!

    1. Meredith

      I just use the leftover veggies and sometimes the protein from dinner the night before to top my lunch salads, and then adorn with peppers, avocado, feta, olives, whatever is around and goes with the leftovers. It keeps things interesting.

  5. Karina

    I think that it was just few weeks ago that I discover your weekly coffee and I loving it! It like talking with a friend. And that help. Cuz sometimes is good just to have a good tea/coffee and chat. My mother in love have a pug (Sarah-Bacon) she is a member of the family and knows how much she is loved. I think my boyfriend love her even more than me lol but I can imagine the struggle waiting for the results. Sending you light and a lot of blessings for dee-dee and your family. Specials tought to Dan cuz I think I read that she is his best friend. Hope everything is gonna go well. And sorry my bad English I still learn it :p till the next coffee chat!

  6. lisa

    Sips my first cup and smiles. Hi Andi, Happy Sunday. I wanted to post a Thank you to Daniel for his replies last week. I enjoyed reading his posts. Then, Andi, you shared his little secret litter collecting/duck story. So endearing and inspirational, thank you for sharing. I walk during breaks and lunch around my office building. The litter, garbage, well, it’s unmaintained, neglected. I often think, just get gloves and go at it leelee! I think your guy has given me that little push. We, Americans, always assume someone else will do it. I would say, living in New York, no doubt, it is one of the dirtiest, disrespected (littered0 parts of our country. I mean, honestly, I bring guests and tourists to China town, just to smell the week old fish! So Thank you Daniel, you rock that garbage pickin! Inspiration can come to us in the least expected ways. Enjoy your Sunday, love your blog xxx leelee


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