Weekly Coffee Date

Weekly Coffee Date

Hi friends! I had a great week enjoying the spring weather walking with my two favorite people, Dee and Daniel. I should have some news to share on the house hunt pretty soon. And now I am just starting to think about concrete planning for a fall wedding. I am super excited for a Spring filled with decorating and wedding planning!

I hope everyone has a nice Easter tomorrow. It was always one of my favorite holidays growing up because it’s such a celebration of the sweet tooth (that’s what Easter is really celebrating, right?)

Enjoy your time with your families whatever you are doing tomorrow!

I doubt anyone dyes eggs as good as Martha. Here are her tips.

I am a big fan of Louis CK, but a sketch he did on SNL was awfully similar to a short film Tig Notaro made. Watch both here and decide for yourself if this was a coincidence or possibly plagiarism.

Here is an interesting post examining the concept of lifestyle design. The main idea is to actively design one’s life such that it is extremely difficult to engage in behaviors that are detrimental or undesirable.

This is a study where researchers examined strategies for reaching goals.

This is a fascinating look at the markup restaurants charge for different foods. “Is the up charge for guac really worth it?” she said with a mouth full of guac.



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  1. Savvy

    your review of costs of food is fascinating!! I am so thankful I was raised with farmstands and access to FRESH, and SLOW FOODS, Farmers’ Markets, Food Trucks and more!! Thanks for being such a presence in my life!! anxious to see house news….


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