Weekly Coffee Date

Weekly Coffee Date - photo by sonya kamoz

Hi Friends!

It officially feels like summer here in Massachusetts after two brutally hot days. Daniel and I are helping to take care of my aunt and uncle’s dogs this week while they’re on vacation, so we’ve been busy trying to untangle ourselves from three leashes. We’re also getting close to moving into our new house (the floors are just about ready!) and we couldn’t be more excited about that. Here are some of my favorite links from the week:

I just saw this video even though it’s from last year. Pharrell went to NYU to give notes to some of the music students and one young woman’s song blew him (and me) away.

Five Guys took the title of America’s favorite burger chain in this year’s Harris Poll. Five Guys is good but I will always be team Shake Shack.

I found this link after getting into a debate with a friend about the etiquette of reclining your seat on an airplane. Here’s an interesting economic perspective to the great airline seat reclining debate. In most situations I won’t recline the seat during a daytime flight if there’s someone behind me. Obviously some people feel differently, and jam their seat into my lap as soon as the flight takes off. Where do you stand?

Thank god Daniel and I didn’t spend all of our house savings on avocado toast :) An Australian millionaire said millennials are having trouble affording homes because they spend all their money on avocado toast.

Here is a rare albino orangutan found in Indonesia.



5 thoughts on “Weekly Coffee Date

    1. Anita Humphries

      I am with you on reclining my seat on an airplane. I only do it if I am traveling across country or abroad…..and even then, feel guilty if someone is behind me. Good luck with your move!

  1. Erin Pullmann

    I am super anti-recline! Everyone has so little space as it is, it’s borderline criminal to take any more away from someone behind you.

  2. Judy

    Always fun to check out the links and thank you so much for them. I have one for you since you are moving into a new house. Of course as much as you get around you may already know about Emily Jones Design. She and her family were just featured in the Magnolia magazine too. (Fixer Upper with Chip and Jo Gaines are another favorite site I visit.)

    So here is one of Emily’s blogs https://jonesdesigncompany.com/decorate/get-brass-look-drawer-hardware-much-less/

    Here is Jessica Gavin. I got to your site and hers the most and both of you are among the few I follow in Instagram. http://www.jessicagavin.com/about/

    I’m sure you know of Magnolia but if not here is that link. This one links to paint that I thought you might like. https://shop.magnoliamarket.com/collections/premium-colors

    Happy Making a Home

  3. Savvy

    Just made a batch of morning glory muffins- used whole wheat pastry flour, and organic coconut flakes. They’re ever so yummy- and light!! It’s my new BEST muffin recipe!! Thanks!!


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