Weekly Coffee Date

Weekly Coffee Date - photo by belathee photography
Hi Friends! We finally moved in to the new house! We spent our first night yesterday and although most of our rooms are still empty and we have a lot of painting ahead of us, we’re so excited just to be here. When I get things up to picture quality shape I will absolutely share more. I hope everyone has a good Memorial Day weekend and takes some time to remember those who died while serving their country. I’d love to hear about some of your Memorial Day plans or traditions!

Here is a brief history on Memorial Day. Its traditions date back to the Civil War but it wasn’t declared a national holiday until 1971.

Sleep has always been difficult for me and now I can add this to the long list of things I think about as I lay awake at night. Lack of sleep may cause your brain to “eat itself.”

I’ve been known to buy a pair or two of jeans with some fashionable rips but I’m not sure I could shell out 400 bucks for these jeans covered in fake mud at Nordstrom.

A fascinating story about doing eye surgery on a 600-pound tiger at a wildlife retreat in Australia.

If you are a Bachelor/Bachelorette fan like me you might enjoy this in depth mathematical analysis of Bachelorette contestants.

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