Weekly Coffee Date

Weekly Coffee Date

Hi friends! I hope you all had a great week! It’s been a pretty hectic and stressful time over here while setting up the house. We are now on a first name basis with every employee at the local hardware store. It seems like every time we accomplish something we think of five new things we need to do. And today I almost died when Daniel poured an entire cooler of dry ice into our sink thinking it was regular ice. We were terrified the sink or pipes were going to crack from the cold but it looks like we lucked out on that one. But aside from the challenging moments and the paint that has now ruined all my clothes, home ownership has been so fun and exciting. And things are shaping up nicely. We are still sitting on lawn chairs (waiting on a furniture delivery that keeps being delayed), but at least they’re in newly painted rooms!

In between the cleaning, painting, and trips to Home Depot, I found some links I’d like to share:

Since we haven’t unpacked our dishes while we wait for our cabinets to be painted we have been using the grill to cook. Here are Alton Brown’s favorite grillable fruits. I have tried grilled pineapple but would love to try to grilled grapefruit with sprinkled sugar and salt!

Daniel wears a fitness tracker smart watch because he loves data. Here’s an article about a Stanford study that determined fitness trackers aren’t very reliable when it comes to calories burned.

Here is a mystery fish that appears to walk along the sea floor. The diver who discovered it said It was “bizarre and pretty … I thought that this could please the Internet.” (Silly man, nothing pleases the internet!)

I told Daniel it was national donut day and he sent me this link about “the donut dilemma.” It is about how eating a donut makes little sense if you evaluate the situation rationally from a behavioral economic perspective. (He explained it to me as I enjoyed my free Dunkin’ Donut)

The cure for celiac disease used to be a high calorie diet with at least 7 bananas per day. “It is incredible what the mothers and fathers did, going down to the docks to meet the ships and buy multiple bananas hanging on branches.”

Here is a fun article from 538 about the national spelling bee. You can test your spelling ability.



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