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Hi friends! This weekend we went to my parents house for a good ole fashioned summer cookout. There is something about being at a cookout on a summer weekend that feels so nostalgic and freeing. I think especially living in a climate where outdoor entertaining has a very defined season makes these get togethers feel even better. But, one thing I realized is that I have a much lower tolerance for the heat than I used to. Ten years ago, I’d be excited about the prospect of being outside on a sunny 85-degree day. But yesterday, I found myself volunteering to go help out on something in the kitchen just so I had an excuse to be in the air conditioning for a few minutes. I imagine I will be pining for the heat and even the humidity come winter, but for now, I am really looking forward to the fall.

It seems like everyone is catching eclipse fever! If you haven’t been able to scoop up some special glasses for Monday’s eclipse, here’s an article providing some good DIY viewing options.

There are a bunch of 90s TV shows that hold a special place in my heart and I’m sure until the day I die I will remember every word of the Fresh Prince theme song. But, I don’t really have the urge so many others do to revisit their favorite shows growing up. I prefer the memories. Here’s an interesting article about the new fad of “nostalgia TV.”

Here’s an article that discusses the diet of WWE wrestler Seth Rollins. It sounds like he has a really healthy relationship with food, which must be hard for an elite athlete because they have to pay such close attention to their diet. He says, “like, if I’m in New York and there’s something on the news saying you’ve got to go try this crazy ice cream cookie doughnut sandwich or something, I’m not shy about having that.” Now I can’t stop thinking about an ice cream cookie doughnut sandwich.

How to be mindful when grocery shopping.

Lightened Up Banana Cupcakes Recipe

August 27 is National Banana Lovers Day! To celebrate, Fyffes, one of the largest importers of bananas, has launched an exciting social media campaign aimed at helping families in need of hunger relief. Between now and August 27, if you post any banana related content, like pictures, videos, and recipes on any social media platform and use the hashtags #BananaLoversDay and #FightHungerWithFyffes, Fyffes will donate 20 pounds of bananas to communities in need of fresh produce. They hope to reach their goal of 5,000 pounds of bananas. This is a great program to help fight hunger and a great excuse to enjoy and share some of your favorite delicious banana recipes!

Here’s the recipe for my favorite 250-calorie banana cupcake recipe (pictured above)!

This post is in partnership with Fyffes.



9 thoughts on “Weekly Coffee Date

  1. Katie

    I am definitely someone who is loving the return of these nostalgia shows. I’m not sure I can get behind all of them, but Fuller House? LOVE. IT. haha

  2. Emily

    Arrrghh! Now I will have that song stuck in my head all day! I was born and raised in West Philadelphia…lol. Love me some Uncle Phil!!

  3. Anne F.

    We LOVE “The Andy Griffith Show” and “Everybody Loves Raymond.”
    My husband, Frank, likes a few others but I find them too silly. Would love to see”Hazel” re-runs! —–I love the photo at the top of this website. Great idea to chop everything for a salad and let family or guests make their own salad as they like it on their own salad plate or bowl.—–Hope wedding is coming along. Looking forward to seeing a few photos from the wedding! Especially the beautiful bride!!!—–Andy, keep in mind while fixing up your home that you have a lifetime to do so. That’s all folks!!! ❤️

  4. Ashley - Forking Up

    I love these little updates :) You must be a true New Englander, because after living in Texas for 4 years now, I cannot STAND the COLD! lol. I will be sharing about that banana event–I love when food companies do good!

  5. Hootie

    Indoor kid=video games, internet…
    That heat tolerance thing- you have become an indoor kid ;)
    Me too. I used to be an outdoor kid.


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