Weekly Coffee Date

Weekly Coffee Date

Hi friends! First of all, I’d like to thank all of you who commented or reached out to me with very kind words after my Better Intentions post. I can’t tell you how much I appreciated your understanding and loving response.

Daniel and I are getting really excited about Thanksgiving and the holiday season! This past weekend, we put up and decorated our tree. I’ve also been sneaking around my mom’s house stealing decorations while Daniel walks Dee, so we should have sufficient cheer!

In between catching up on work and trying to empty my embarrassingly full inbox, here are some links I came across this week:

Here are eight common myths about the human body. If you have been thinking you have only five senses, it’s time to learn about the other 20+.

Chicken Spaghetti on Thanksgiving? I guess that’s what they like in Texas. Here’s a list of the most searched Thanksgiving recipes in each state.

The true story of Thanksgiving is a lot sadder than we were taught in school. This is a brief refresher on real history.

The President is considering reversing a ban on big game trophy imports. Elephants aren’t trophies. And the argument that trophy hunting helps these amazing animals is nonsense.

A pastor from North Carolina lost weight on the Olive Garden never ending pasta diet. Of course you can lose weight if you count your calories properly, but this seems sub-optimal.



4 thoughts on “Weekly Coffee Date

  1. Lois Erdmann

    I have been sucked into most of those body myths. I was hoping to find the metabolism myth debunked for me. Oh well, I can still come up with my own theories for those weeks where I am at a stand still losing anything. You are so relatable and hit on a lot of my issues. Thanks for all your sharing.

  2. Vince

    I love the first point in the human body one, about fingerprints. There is this assumption that they’re all unique. But there is certainly no way to be completely certain. It’s easy to see why this pattern is an issue when so much of our justice system now relies on fingerprinting.


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