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What an incredible week. I swear, even though I’ve done it once before, it just never feels natural to publish a book, to pluck it off a shelf in a bookstore, or flip open a magazine and see that book there. If it ever does begin to feel natural, or ugh routine, I’ll know I’ve become the kind of person I always told myself I’d never become, in which case I’ll have a full frontal lobotomy, and return to a normal state of anxiety/amazement.

Really, these days are just so special and humbling. And I have incredible friends in all of you. Thank you for buying Eating in the Middle! Let’s start cooking through it, OK? What are you going to make first? Tell me in the comments! Also, should we make meal plans?

Bagel and Lox Salad Recipe from Eating in the Middle - A Mostly Wholesome Cookbook by Andie Mitchell - Get the book on Amazon or learn more at AndieMitchell.com

Reminder: Eat Dinner with Me in NYC!

I mentioned it in this post, but as a reminder, I’m going to be choosing 5 readers to attend a special Eat and Greet, hosted in partnership with my friends at Tuttorosso Tomatoes, in NYC on April 14th! Do you live in or around New York City? What is one question you’d like to ask me in person?

Lemon Poppyseed Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting Recipe - Hungry Girl Por Vida - recipe from Eating in the Middle on Hungrygirlporvida.comphoto by Cindy at Hungry Girl Por Vida

Blog Friends Sharing #EatingintheMiddle

My AMAZING blog friends have been posting recipes from the cookbook all week! Check them out!

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23 thoughts on “Weekly Coffee Date

  1. MB @ Bourbon and Brown Sugar

    Congrats on the publication of your cookbook! I just discovered your cookbook … and blog via Laura on A Beautiful Plate… SO cool that you have such a wonderful blogging tribe to help you celebrate! Looking forward to getting my hands on a copy of the book… and following your adventures from here on out!

  2. Stephanie Moore

    Meal plans would be cool! I’ve been cooking dinner using your cookbook recipes all week in honor of it being published, so fun and crazy delicious! I think my favorite so far-and the first thing I made- is the Southwest pulled Chicken sandwiches HOLY COW! Thanks Andie for such an awesome collection of recipes and CONGRATS!!

  3. Jane Cafasso

    Oh, I would so love to meet you and I live near NYC! My first question would be what continues to inspire you on your journey in health and fitness.

  4. Skinnytaste Gina

    That table!!!! What a beautiful photo.

    So true, what a crazy exciting time for you! I am so proud of you and you’re beautiful book. It’s going to be a NYT Best Seller, I can feel it!

  5. Louise RD

    I live in NY and would love to meet you sometime but unfortunately, I’m traveling out of state on April 14th. Please keep us posted on future hook-up opportunities! Love the recipes I’ve seen so far and can’t wait to try them all out!! Thanks a bunch!

  6. Anne F.

    Not the least bit surprised. I KNEW it would be a lovely book…beautiful picture, cover, etc. AND I knew the recipes would be amazing as well as the chatter here and there before recipes and just inside the cover. I haven’t cooked yet but certainly will. Thanks for making hard cover with no jacket. I never know whether to remove jacket or not. If you don’t, it frays, etc. A BIG congratulations to you on your continued success! Looks as if you have picked up more friends from them seeing cookbook. Cool!
    Your flow and ease of writing is unbelievable. I am always amazed how you can think out loud and I can get it right away and know what you are talking about. Love, love.

  7. Julia @ The Domestic Blonde

    Beyond excited for you! I can’t wait to get my hands on the book. Photography looks unreal (I envy people with those talents) and the recipes are right up my alley. After this baby arrives (any day now!) I’ll be tackling making everything I can from the cookbook! Congrats!

  8. Hayley Castle

    We plan to make the cashew chicken lettuce cups and the pad thai very soon! I can’t wait.

    Meal plans would be awesome.

    Congrats on the cookbook. I flipped through it and now I’m literally reading it cover to cover.

  9. Stephanie C.

    Love the book. Seriously. Fantastic. I made a lifestyle change 5 years ago and whenever I buy cookbooks I have to save those recipes for special occasions or alter the fat/carb components because most of them are part of the 20% rather than the 80% of my usual routine. These recipes are so great because I do not have to work my brain to use them, I know that they are going to be smart about the ingredients. So thank you. I already have planned to make the Turkey breakfast patties for the upcoming week’s breakfast sandwichs that my fiance and I eat daily and I think I am leaning toward the Fish and chips for Saturday night and then Sunday night is up in the air.

  10. Avery

    Congratulations on your cookbook! I made your Pad Thai via Iowa Girl Eats. I accidentally used Worcestershire sauce instead of soy sauce and my husband LOVED it! I immediately pre-ordered the cookbook. I’m looking forward to making many more recipes (hopefully with the right ingredients!)

  11. Ashley Mitchell

    I have the chocolate breakfast pudding in the refrigerator for tomorrow, but I could not wait to try a bite. Yum!!! I relied on ingredients I had in the house, so I used plain almond milk and added a 1/2 tsp of vanilla extract and also used fat free plain Greek yogurt instead of 2%. With these substitutions, 1 serving is 7 WW smart points. The best part – I can have chocolate pudding for breakfast! What isn’t to love?

  12. Pina

    Andie, your cookbook is BEAUTIFUL!! I am so happy I preordered and received it on Tuesday! I could not wait for the weekend to get here so I can cook something from it. YES for meal plans! Thank you for sharing your story. Congratulations, Celebrate and enjoy the weekend!

  13. Emily Brown

    Congrats! I am loving your cookbook, and I can’t wait to start cooking through it like a proper fan girl. I think meal plans would be amazing!

  14. Erin

    It’s a toss up between PJ’s Meatballs & Petite lasagnas -so many delicious choices ! My husband is a philosophy nut and I was sharing your book & story over dinner. I believe that experiences shape the path of our future. Looking back on your journey, what drove you to find your true self and this success?

  15. sarah

    So sad I can’t meet you in NYC…..but you can come eat with me in LA! hope to see you when you are here.
    I’m making the lemon risotto tonight! YUMMMY….and YES we need a meal plan. how else will I get to everything in the book.


  16. Lynn

    Love the cookbook. I just made the Italian Salad for dinner (an authentic Italian sub from a pizza shop has always been one of my favorites). Loved it and have a second one packed in the fridge for my lunch tomorrow. Have plans to make the fish and chips later in the week!

  17. Jess Baker

    I made the sesame green beans and the cashew chicken lettuce wraps – both were AMAZING. My husband devoured two servings last night AND is excited about having them for leftovers. Definitely a big hit! Love the cookbook.

  18. Tianna

    I can’t wait to buy your cookbook. I’ll have to modify some of the recipes so I can eat them, as I am extremely gluten-intolerant (BOO), but I will because I have followed your blog for 3-ish years now and I have tried some of your recipes on the blog….with fantabulous results. Can’t wait. CONGRATS. xo

  19. Kristen

    Everything you touch turns beautiful…just like you inside and out! You emmit such positive energy in your writing, your books, and your recipes! The world would be a better place if everyone was like you! I hope to try to become more like you! I want to cook through your entire book…not Julie and Julia…but Kristen and Andie! Your re pies are drool worthy! My Birthday is tomorrow and I want to make myself an Andie Sour Cream chocolatce Cake! I have struggled my entire life with eating and you show a Balance! I can learn to eat because of you and your perspective! I thank you from the bottom of my heart! I read your book in a day and I’m savoring reading your cookbook recipe by recipe! Never stop writing, creating, and inspiring! You have found your calling and we are so very lucky that you have shared it with us! And a meal plan would be awesome! ❤️


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