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mayflower beach, cape cod, massachusetts

Hi friends! I hope you all had a great week!
It has been scorching, fry-an-egg-on-the-sidewalk hot here all week. I’ve been trying to stay inside with the AC on so I don’t run the risk of sweat-staining all my shirts, but I did travel into the city for a fun Facebook Live video with MindBodyGreen and a party with my Clarkson Potter friends on Thursday in Little Italy. It’s weeks like this when I miss being young and going to friends’ houses with pools.
How was your week?
Here are a handful of interesting links I came across this week while taking shelter from that ball of fire in the sky:

Uhh yikes. Apparently most of us are blissfully ignorant about how much rancid olive oil we use. “We call the U.S. the world’s dumping ground for rancid and defective olive oil. We don’t know the difference,” said Sue Langstaff, a sensory scientist who consults for the beer, wine and olive oil industries.

How to find the perfect running shoe

The Two-Second Trick for Avoiding Bitter Cucumbers

I miss back to school shopping the most. Strategies to save on back to school season

Look at what we’ve done. Bulldogs Are Dangerously Unhealthy, But There May Not Be Enough Diversity in Their Genes to Save Them: How we loved this dog into a genetic bind.



6 thoughts on “Weekly Coffee Date


    I loved your book, just finished it last week.

    33 years and I am still in the trenches fighting a sugar addiction and binge eating disorder with no end in sight. I am so happy you found yur way out of hell and at a great age. I am 55 now, so all my youth was spent on this nonsesnse.

    1. Kay

      I’ve never replied before, but love this blog. I can certainly relate to you on the sugar addiction and binge eating. I’m 68 years old and have not stoppedthe insanity!! I’ve been on every diet, lap band, pill, etc. I read this and am going to do good, but never seem to make it to the grocery store and find the time to cook. Always lots of excuses. Hopefully one o these days, I’ll figure it out. Thank you Andi for all you do to inspire the fans!!!

  2. Morgan Thompson

    I love back to school shopping! I’ve turned it into a re-do the office shopping now that I’m out of school ;)

  3. Donna Baumgartner

    I am so glad to “see”you again! I enjoy all you write and love that you told me I was funny once

  4. Jaime

    When I was a child in NJ, one of the things that was always on our back to school shopping list was a newsnowsuit. Now, every August I have to fight my instincts of having to buy my daughter a snowsuit. We live in Atlanta where is snows a half inch once every three years and shuts down the whole city. I have a problem.

    Side note, we tried to fry an egg on the pavement outside our house a few years ago on a 100+ degree day. It didn’t work. It was actually quite gross.


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