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Our wedding is less than two months away and we are making the final planning decisions. Waiting until the last minute (according to typical wedding planning suggested timelines, anyway) actually has an advantage: You’re forced to just make a concrete decision on things, which takes the hemming and hawing and reconsideration out of everything. It feels pretty good just sitting down, laying out the options, and pulling the trigger on something.

For those of you who have planned a wedding, did you do everything several months in advance as is typically recommended? Or were you able to pull things together closer to the wedding day?

In between picking out hors d’oeuvres and pew decor, here are some interesting links I came across this week:

If you want to freak yourself out, the Environmental Working Group has created a database where you can plug in your zipcode and see all the contaminants present in your drinking water!

If you’re concerned about climate change, the NYT has a piece on what you can do in your daily life to lower your carbon footprint. Most of the advice is intuitive, but some might surprise you.

If you need some motivation to exercise and you’re hooked on Orange is the New Black, you might want to try Cycflix, the stationary bike that will stream Netflix only while you are pedaling.

Though they can be creepy or even downright terrifying, bugs are really important for our ecosystem. It turns out, without bugs, we might all be dead.

I don’t know why you would need to put charcoal in ice cream, but I’m pretty much down to try anything that ends with “ice cream.” Here’s one of the “8 hot food trends of the summer” according to CNBC.



3 thoughts on “Weekly Coffee Date

  1. Elara

    My husband and I have planned have planned our wedding, a 10 year vow renewal, renovating a house, and building a house. It’s certainly taught us a lot about decision making, both together and apart.

    What taught me most about decision making was building the house. We worked with an independent architect and contractor and the whole process took probably one and a half years. I won’t go into all the details, but making all those decisions (and there are easily over a thousand), even with guidance, about a place you are sincerely planning to live for the rest of your life, you just have to learn a few things about making those decisions. All of these I’ve found apply very well to weddings as well as building/renovating.

    1. You can’t give all of yourself to every decision, you become exhausted and way too stressed. Accept that when you have to make a lot of decisions you can’t be emotionally invested in all of them.

    2. Find what’s important to you and stick to it, don’t listen to other people. I definitely found this out in building the house and it really helped when we planned our 10 year vow renewal. Very few people have an unlimited budget and unlimited interested. In the case of weddings, some people care more about the fashion or the food or the flowers or the band, etc. Don’t follow an artificial budget that doesn’t reflect your own desires and don’t let someone else tell you what you just have to have at your wedding.

    3. Understand there will always be something better out there. You’re capturing a moment in time. My perfectionist side had to learn that things were always changing, new options were always coming out, and at the end of the day the most important thing was that a decision be made.


  2. Katie

    I was dealing with heavy metal toxicity (ARSENIC) last year and the only guess we could come up with was my water since I was living in a new area. It’s scary. I now have a shower filter and a hefty water filter to do my best to keep it clean!


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