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This week I live-streamed with Huffington Post and YouNow for 40 uninterrupted minutes all about It Was Me All Along, weight, body image, #girls, turning flaws into assets, the fact that I’ll never give up Little Debbie’s Swiss Cake Rolls…basically everything I’m passionate about. It was such a blast, and it really got me thinking: I’d like to do this a whole lot more often. Maybe a YouTube channel? What would I say? What wouldn’t I say? 

If you want to watch me flail my limbs (seriously, it was hard to get a clear screenshot) and gab non-stop to an audience that’s largely 24 and under, you can find the video if you scroll down a bit on the HuffPo You Now page

andie mitchell younow


Advice I Love

My friend Kristin from Iowa Girl Eats shared this piece a few months back, and reading it was a meaningful reminder.

Why It Doesn’t Matter How You Feel About Your Friends” by Shauna Niequist 

I am the worst at keeping in touch. I can’t tell you how many friendships I’ve let crumble because my own anxieties of letting people down and my not-enoughness have made me think I should wait to call, text, get together…until I had the right thing to say, until I was sure I would be the best I could for them. But I never feel sure that I’m my best and I almost never recognize the right time until it’s two weeks past, so I wait. Other than Kate and Sabrina, who I’m in constant communication with, and my friend Erica, who I talk to pretty regularly, I feel a deep guilt and regret about how badly I handle maintaining friendships.


We think about our friends and the ones we love–all the time! We see what they’re doing on Facebook, we feel connected because we liked their Instagram, but feeling like a good friend (thinking about them, loving them from afar) and being a good friend (reaching out, making time, telling them how you feel)…are two different things.


“Because it doesn’t matter how you feel in your heart about your friends—what matters is showing those feelings through words and actions.”


Sometimes I accept that I enjoy keeping a precious few friends, because I prefer the intimacy of it, but the friends I’ve lost touch with are ones I think about at least weekly. And they could use a call.



Blog I Love

My friend Phoebe Lapine writes this fabulous blog called Feed Me Phoebe, and for the past year she’s shared a monthly series of self-experiments to, as she says, “do right by your body without giving up your life.” She calls it “The Wellness Project,” and it’s going to be compiled into one hell of a book, which she describes as a “my-life-as-a-guinea-pig memoir…full of my own experiments and idiosyncratic ‘life recipes’ for finding the middle ground between health and hedonism.”


Every month she tackles something new—from sleep to grooming to sex to eating to poop (yes, poop). What I love about her approach to all areas of wellness is how down-to-earth and realistic she is. Phoebe brings levity to the heavier stuff and infuses personality and meaning into everything she attempts. I can’t wait for the whole book. Check out the series and more here: Feed Me Phoebe


Cranberry Cake with Fresh Cranberries, top view

Recipes I Love


Vegetarian Thanksgiving Recipes / Love and Lemons


16 Healthy Thanksgiving Side Dishes / Cookie and Kate 


Roasted Butternut Squash with Balsamic, Blue Cheese, and Pecans / Two Peas & Their Pod


My friend Ali has been making What I Ate Today videos and I’m fascinated by them. I love seeing people’s everyday lives, which is why I love The Grub Street Diet so damn much!  


Super Easy Cranberry Baked Brie Bites / Gimme Some Oven


Mini Pumpkin Pies / Recipe Girl


Stuffed Pork Chops + 5 Ways to Use Leftover Stuffing / FoodieCrush


Whole Wheat Pasta with Walnut-Sage Pesto and Roasted Delicata Squash / Blogging Over Thyme


Butternut Squash Creamed Corn / Kitchen Confidante 




This year I’m participating in the Penguin Random House social media campaign to support children’s literacy and help promote books as gifts!

giveabook campaign


From now until December 24th, every time you use the hashtag #giveabook on Twitter and Facebook, Penguin Random House will donate 1 book toward children’s literacy to FirstBook!


So, use #giveabook and PRH donates a book! It’s amazing. Give a book as a gift to a child, a friend, family member, a charity…give a book to an absolute stranger. It’s one of the most meaningful gifts I can think of!
This season I’m giving Dr. Seuss books to my niece Victoria and loads of cookbooks to my best friends! Which books are you giving? Please share your picks along with #giveabook on social media between now and Dec 24th!


What are you doing for Thanksgiving? Are you cooking? Are you eating 2 slices of pie, 3, or what?

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8 thoughts on “Weekly Coffee Date

  1. Maria

    I love giving books! Thanks for sharing the #GiveaBook program! And you for sure need to do more video…or a talk show! I would watch every day! Love and miss you! xo

  2. Phoebe @ Feed Me Phoebe

    PINCH ME!!! Best start to my weekend ever. Andie, you are such a doll. I’m so so touched that you shared my project with your readers, and beaming from all the kind words. Thank you for shining on me. I can’t wait to check out all these other recipes. YUM. So much love to you xoxox

  3. JJ

    Long time reader and infrequent commentor. Love you and your book. The section of this post with #giveabook reminded me to tell you that as a teacher, I look to share great books with my students through my classroom library and your book is in the collection :) it’s hard to part with bc I keep coming back to it, but I hope one of my young girls someday will feel a little less lonely after reading your story!

  4. Amanda

    Oh I am all about giving books! Just last night I was telling the husband that I want to gift our new niece a fancy collectible set of the Chronicles of Narnia! :) Everyone else has covered the baby stuff, I want to give her something that she’ll treasure, not just the books but the memory of her mom & dad reading them to her at bedtime!

  5. Hootie

    So…I also have a lot of friends that I have lost touch with, we all do. Sometimes people come into your life for a season or purpose and I don’t think they are all meant to last forever. I want to tell you a little something that I have learned that may sound familiar since you are a bright light (thanks Daniel for the words).
    My work is kind of like drinking from a fire hose. It’s a lot. We are pioneers. So many people with so many needs. No real models to work from (which 6 yrs in we are getting better but I’ve been here for 5- seen a lot of disruptive growth faster than we could ever keep up with in a healthy way). As a starting at the bottom employee I would have a lot of people that would call, email, IM me all day long and it was a requirement to participate in IM etc. I have one of those personalities that people are comfortable with me, I am efficient, get along with everyone, and I’m told that I’m funny :) ok but as we grew more and more people wanted me to be their go to person to the point that I couldn’t “do me”. It became such a huge burden to me to be that go to person for so many people. I eventually even told one or two quite aggressive folks something similar to “you know how you want me to be your person? Well, a lot of people feel that way about me and it is really overwhelming. Do you think you could ask some other friends for help sometimes?” I am cringing even relating that now. It is so against my grain. But it is so necessary to set boundaries when SO many people that you genuinely want to help all need help and all of the shown versions of friendship. Now that I am a boss, this actually occurs less because people are a little less hesitant to burden my time due to my title (took me a while to embrace that as positive). Now when I help people it’s is a mentorship that I get compensated in time and money for so it works and is actually the favorite part of my job. I say all of that to say that I think that is kind of a micro-scale or metaphor version of what you are talking about except your life provides content for your work. Remember though, that you are worthy of seeking those people that you can look up to. You cannot pick up things that are better for your growth when your hands are full. If you lean into why you feel remorse you may (or may not) find that part of that is not recognizing that you have to pursue your own growth because if you continue to grow you can help others even more. I think what you said is very human, I just wanted to share that in my 30s I realized that I need someone to look up to, to show support, and to be shown friendship, etc too.
    About to watch this streamin thing and also stoked that you gave me some links to stir up my ADD quest for knowledge all over the inter webs :) will be back for those links!

  6. Carol Hansen

    Hey Andie!

    Love Love Loved your live-stream with Huffington Post..SO FUN! I would love for you to do more videos..you are so real, down to earth and encouraging..not to mention approachable and just darn beautiful inside and out…this what I personally think we need to see not he internet..haha ok my mother rant is over!

    Congrats on Andie Mitchell.com…It is so fabulous..I love the new look on the blog. AMAZING! I am having a ball watching you fly! I can’t thank you enough for your encouragement to me personally just by being willing to be vulnerable about your personal life! It’s all about being real right? I am staying tuned!


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