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 How comfortable would you be with planning my wedding? I ask because, with the cookbook coming out and a million everyday work and life things, I recently realized that all we’ve done towards wedding “planning” is talk to White’s Bakery about making a wedding cake–a vital security I just couldn’t continue living without. Daniel and I are hoping for next year in early June, in Massachusetts where both of our families are, and I’m dead serious when I say I want our rehearsal dinner to be at Shake Shack. I can’t tell if anyone will let me do that.


What’s wrong with the American diet?
(LA Times)
According to a study published Wednesday in the medical journal, BMJ Open, “ultra-processed” foods—frozen pizzas, breakfast cereals, soda, and more—made up 58% of all calories Americans consume in a typical day. They also delivered 90% of the added sugars that Americans ate and drank.

john goodman weight loss

“John Goodman Likely Won’t Maintain His Weight Loss”
(Entertainment Weekly)

On Wednesday, John Goodman appeared on the Today Show to promote his new movie, 10 Cloverfield Lane, and when Savannah Guthrie praised his “fabulous” weight loss, he joked, “Just wait another six months and I’ll be back to normal. That’s the way it usually goes.”

But earlier that morning, Goodman was more open on Howard Stern. “I decided to stop stuffing food into my mouth every five minutes. Turns out I was just eating all the time…It’s been a year and half, I did it slowly,” he said. “I used to go on these diets, take three months and lose about 60-70 pounds, feel great, and reward myself with crap-ola…[But] I took it slow. I just wanted to change my lifestyle,” Goodman added. “You look in the mirror everyday and go, ‘I gotta deal with this the rest of the day, I gotta deal with this schmuck?'”

It’s so relatable to me, and if you’ve struggled with your weight for many years, to you, too. When we spend years succeeding and failing, we can’t help but arrive at new success with mixed feelings. It’s a bittersweet cocktail with one part exhilaration, one part exhaustion, and 2 parts worry that we’ll never make it last.


Melissa McCarthy Redbook Magazine 2016
All-around super woman and forever Sookie St. James in my heart, Melissa McCarthy recently said that when she hears young women say, “I am not a feminist,” she told Redbook, “I always think, ‘Oh, that sounds so dumb.’ And I don’t mean that in a hateful way. It just sounds so ill-informed. Do you think women should be paid less? You don’t believe in equality for women? I think people have worked hard to put a negative spin on the word.”

And when it comes to building positive body image, McCarthy says, “There’s an epidemic in our country of girls and women feeling bad about themselves based on what .5% of the human race looks like. It starts very young. My message is that as long as everybody’s healthy, enjoy and embrace whatever body type you have.” AMEN


The Makerista Ikea Hack Using Billy BookcasesThe Makerista

Lately, and don’t ask me how I turned down this avenue, but I’ve become obsessed with Pinterest-ing Ikea design hacks. It’s exactly as fun as it sounds (so, either not fun or very, depending on how old you are in your heart). My favorite ideas: using Ikea’s Billy Bookcases to create built-ins with a little elbow grease and some crown molding, nightstand upgrades with new hardware, floating cabinets using the Besta Cabinets (and topping them with a piece of marble or slate)…the list is endless.


Rainbow Marshmallows | Bakers Royale

[Healthy] Minty Green Shamrock Shake | Love and Lemons

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19 thoughts on “Weekly Coffee Date

  1. Sarah Elizabeth

    A shake shack rehearsal dinner would be so much fun!

    We had ours in a friend’s backyard and had barbecue catered in so that it was low-key and relaxed. Maybe Shake Shack could “cater” it for you?

  2. Laura Romain

    I canceled my wedding (seven weeks before the date–yes, that sucked), but it was going to be fab. I can send you my pinboards if you’d like ;)

    Anyhow, I’m in NJ, and our rehearsal dinner was going to be at a great Jersey diner. Everyone and their dogwalker will be telling you how a wedding “should” be. Do what feels fun and comfortable and real, and try not to spend **too** much time on the wedding blogs.


  3. Meg Farris

    I love Shake Shake, even though I have only been once! I think that would be so much fun! I love the thought of low key! My daughter wants a wedding in a barn-which is kinda the thing here in NC! And wants to do things from Pinterest! I would help with anything! I eloped 33 years ago and so not real familiar with wedding planning but if someone gave me a task, I would take it on.

  4. Kate Camp

    OMG. OMG!!!! You’re getting MARRIED oh girl these last 18 months….have been banner for you. I’m so pleased that all is unfolding as it should. See, life is truly a journey and while sometimes very painful, sometimes lonely, often big and bright and joyful….it brings us to who we are and what we are. Like I told my son years ago….” You never get THERE,”… There’s always more…corners, alleyways, main streets and woods to navigate. And enjoy. Is there a ring involved and do we get to see? Sometimes I wish you were this lil blogger and I was this lady sitting on my porch taking it all in but it’s wonderful to see your success….you know I’m living vicariously through you…..tee hee…..

  5. Rita Kelly

    I just finished reading “It was me all along” and I absolutely loved it and am recommending it to all of my friends. I also insisted that my husband read it so he can understand me more regarding my food/eating/weight issues. He met me after or while I had my weight semi under control. I was 210 in high school on a 5’1 frame…I looked around while reading your book and that part of your book, feeling like I was being punked because your experience was SO parallel to mine!! I’m so glad you followed your heart in so many ways and I’m EXSTATIC to hear you are marrying Daniel!! Looking forward to the updates!! Thank you for everything!

  6. Jen Outman

    Advice for your wedding is to do what feels right to you. Shut out all the shoulds and be you. I had my rehearsal dinner at a local burger place that I wanted and it was awesome. After everything you want to be able to look back and know that it was all you and your future husband, not all the well-meaning so and so’s

  7. Emily Brown

    It can happen. The first Shake Shake is opening in LA this week, and I have already requested it for my wedding shower.

  8. Kimberlee Neville

    I’d help you plan!!! Don’t over think it, don’t make it harder on yourself. Step away from Pinterest and Wedding Bee, the small details are only important to you and if something goes wrong you and Daniel will be the only ones that know it. Also a Shake Shack rehearsal dinner would be awesome! Do it!

  9. Jessica

    I ended up LOVING the wedding planning process, and if I had more of an entrepreneurial spirit would do it for a living. As long as you don’t take yourself or the event too seriously (yes, a wedding is VERY important, but most of the details you’re left to stress about are about the party and not the commitment to your partner), it will be amazing. If you don’t hire a planner, pick up The Knot’s planning binder- it does most of the heavy lifting for you!

  10. Adrianne

    My rehearsal dinner (and my wedding, for that matter) was in my parents’ backyard, catered by a food truck parked in the driveway! The reception was catered by a favorite local restaurant, and entirely not wedding foodish (since there seems to be such a thing). It was fantastic and a year and a half later, friends and family are still raving about the food.

    I think Shake Shack would be so fun! It seems like the popular image of weddings is all schmance and beautifully put together and themed and whatnot, but if you put together something that is uniquely “you”, it will show in every detail and that’s what people will talk about long after the actual event. And of course, it’s all about you two anyway :P So get you some burgers and cheese fries and enjoy yourselves!

  11. Amy

    You are a prime example of “Work hard, stay humble”! You deserve all your success and happiness.

    Come to Andrea’s Bridal in Portland, ME and I’ll be your bridal consultant! Then we can go out for lobster rolls. <3

  12. jessica

    I know it seems so cliche, but I lived and died by theknot.com when I planned my wedding. I am SO unorganized and the checklist kept me sane. We also didn’t have Pinterest then, which is probably a blessing because I would have been completely overwhelmed. Whatever you choose it will be perfect because it’s your day and that’s what matters!

  13. Haley Ahrens

    I had my rehearsal dinner at a local brewery with pizza and beer. It was absolutely perfect and low key, which is what we needed in contrast to the very formal ceremony/reception. Do what makes you and Daniel happy and comfortable. You should definitely do the Shake Shack! How fun would that be?!?!?

  14. Elaina Wood

    I had gastric sleeve surgery a year and 3 months ago, yeah, I never called my babies 15 months old either. Anyhow, I’m down to 199 from 316 and life looks so much different. My dad was/is suffering from weight related issues Congestive Heart Failure, Internal bleeding in his intestines, and 20 years post quadruple bypass…and as a mother of 2 (mine), 4 (his), and 1 (ours), yes 7, I wasn’t giving up without a fight! I can move! Run, play, swim, hike. The kids and I have a great time. My husband, a dear sweet man whom I love to my core, is struggling at around 330 and refuses to talk about surgery as an option. It isn’t for everyone, but my surgery and the hard work I’ve put in since saved my life!

    A friend gave me your book and before I got through the first 5 pages I had bought it on NOOK. I gave her’s right back to her and asked her to keep sharing your story, as I will. Weightloss has been freeing and frigening all at once. I’m working now to break through my plateau around 200 with a killer cross fit and what I’ve learned as I struggle to stand and sit with muscles so sore is thin(er) and fit are very different animals!

    I have a great trainer and fantastic support system through Camp Gladiator. When I can’t do another push up, another squat, another crunch, I think of you. You in my head saying, “Can you do this today? Just today?” And I can! Tomorrow will be there when I get there…but I kicked hiney today!

    It’s lovely to get to know you! Thanks for being an inspiration to so many! You have my dream job!

  15. Fiona of fionfitnessfun.com

    Love this section!

    I’ve lost and gained weight, like many of us and am starting to work on getting 40lbs off that i’ve gained…

    I too try to avoid processed foods and eat lots of veggies. I love salads. I wrote a piece on the clean 15 and Dirty dozen (avoiding friits and veggies with most pesticides)… No thank you to any chemicals on our foods.

    And I love your women, section.Melissa McCarthy. Is so right…

    Fiona.. : )

  16. Tianna

    I have read of In and Out Burger and Food trucks cater weddings, and fancy ones too! You could totally tie in the Shake Shack. One of my friends had the top floor of their date night pub rented out as their low-key reception area. There was a lot of grumbling from the older generations about it being improper…until they went! It was done so well and in a tongue-in-cheek but classy fashion that at the end of it all they all exclaimed what a clever idea it was. It’s your day. Go with your heart!!


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